Throw The Ball In the Hole (PC)

How accurate are you? All you have to do is throw the ball in the hole! With 15 total puzzles, each one offers a different challenge. You will have to combine precision, speed, and a little creativity to even complete this game. So warm up your throwing arm, and dive into this fun and challenging little experiment and see how good you are!

At LanziVision we always have the most silly compititions, one day we started wrapping potatoes in tin foil and played a rousing game of pig around the office, Then we thought what a fun VR game this would be!

The puzzles start simple, there's a hole and the ball needs to be thrown in it. By the end you'll be bouncing the balls of slanted walls and chucking over large distances. We didn't create this little game to be easy, so be ready for an old school challenge!

This free game is our first VR experiment, so tell us what you think! Have fun and remember to attach the controllers to your wrists!

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