Little Awesome Dudes (PC)

Have you ever wanted to live in your mom’s basement? Wait, you already do? Well now you can live in a VR basement!

Build out a tabletop world, place down LADS and put them to work! Spend (their) hard earned currency to improve their lives. Construct a variety of buildings to produce food, generate resources and equip LADS with improved gear!

Purchase dungeons from the spooky web then send the LADS forth to earn treasure, defend from invading enemies and defeat the Lich within his lair!

Tired of waiting for LADS to chop down trees? Take advantage of the variety of toys, games and fluffy objects that your mom bought for you.KEY FEATURES:
Expand a tabletop world with board pieces, populate them with structures, then order your LADS to do your bidding!
Use a functional VR Computer to experience the joys of capitalism as your LADS produce currency for you to spend!
Challenge the dungeons, defend against roaming enemies and defeat the Lich!

Bluescreen your computer by smashing it with a baseball bat!
Play darts! On your own!
Shake a pig that poops out coins! Use them to pay for the arcade machine! Don’t forget to clean them first though…
Slot floppy discs into the arcade machine to change the game!
Browse apps on the computer to order items, browse for information and visit the spooky web!
Scan objects to read badly written, awkward attempts to be funny and informational!


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