Escape Architect VR (PC)

You are lowly QA operative employed to test different themed escape rooms for your egotistical and overbearing boss, Everest Valentine, who is never happy with anyone's performance. Maybe if you impress him enough with your results he'll let you design an escape room of your own.

'Escape Architect VR' is an exciting and challenging multi-room escape environment. All of our rooms will have different themes but will be centered around the same style and lighthearted, silly, cheeky tone. Successful escapologists can use the included room editor to create and share their own ingenious and perplexing VR puzzles.

The first available escape room is science fiction themed, with the next release to be an ancient Egyptian escape room, coming in a couple months. The full editor will be releasing in first quarter 2020. We'll be releasing new updates every month with a major update every other month.


Tunacorn Studios



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