FutureHouse_VREX (PC)

This game is my first online work, as a learning test, not commercial, if you have any questions or suggestions, please come forward.
Part of the scene involved in the internal infringement, please be sure to contact me, look at the author Haihan. Contact: 444524803 @ qq.com

The ultimate goal of the game is to facilitate people's way of life as the purpose, set movies, games, entertainment, shopping, tourism as one.
After entering the game, the experimenter will appear in the main scene with a first-person perspective, and can move freely through the control of the handle, visit each room, and press the handle to set the interior, such as: adjust the lights in each room;
Television is controlled to broadcast MVs, movies and games (where MVs, movies and music are added on their own); indoor floor-to-ceiling windows can change scenery according to mood, and on the dining room table there are three small balls with the function of space transmission, which are lifted from the handle close to the cheek.
The experimenter will appear in the small ball scene and can move around the scene at will through the control of the handle.




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