Bloodstream (PC)

Unique VR mechanics that help you fight IN STYLE“Just like being a real magic ninja magician”

A master uses a single sweeping energy Stream to block and whack, then hurl at the enemy. Doing this smoothly gains Chi. Jerky hands lose Chi. Chi is used to unleash deadly power attacks. When this happens, time slows down, just in time to block enemy shots. Smoothly. gain more Chi.Unique VR PowersSmash giant stone fists pulled from the ground.
Crash meteors clutched from the heavens.
Slash energy quakes.
Whirl flaming fire tornadoes.
Unleash power attacks with smooth hand motions.
Choose elements with controller placement. Drawing a stream from above your head draws Air.
Move your stream of flowing energy to intercept incoming fire, then throw it.
Draw twin flame katanas from behind your neck.Video CastingRecord yourself playing with support for LIV mixed-reality recordings. Show off and compete for the adoration of your friends!CHAOS.Block a dozen shots. Smash a dozen foes. Blood is everywhere. Unleash a power attack then - look out! - block just in time. You gotta do it all at once and if you don’t got smooth moves you’re gonna die. It's just like being a real magic ninja magician!


Going Gangbusters



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