GrowRilla (PC)

In GrowRilla you play as a small gorilla, just escaped from a terrible military testing facility. Fortunately, you have gained the incredible ability to grow... by eating. With every piece of food you consume, you grow a little bit bigger and stronger.

What starts as a fast-paced, stealthy survival game quickly evolves into an intense battle as you grow into an oversized monster and seek revenge upon your tormentors.
Fight your way through a barrage of procedurally generated worlds and use all parts of your surroundings to your advantage.
Run, hide and climb while you're small to avoid enemies.
Use the enemy’s own weapons against them.
Once you're big, it's time to go all out and get your revenge on the military.
Eat. Grow. Fight.


Acción indie


Salmi Games


Salmi Games


Steam Oculus

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Septiembre 12, 2019

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