Don't Die (PC)

•Free-moving horror shooting game.
•Are you tired of brainless targeted zombies? Enjoy the pleasure of walking freely and shooting freely in the VR world!
•Advanced move algorithm is used to avoid sick.
•Horror/Action/Exploration/Upgrade etc. Refuse boredom!
•We promise that our app support the cross-buy features.So if the quest version release, you don't need to pay another time.
•Story Synopsis: Dog Town, a small town in Northwest Maine, USA. It has a long history, is remote and quiet. SHIELD Ltd. A multinational corporation, bought the local Cliff Manor as a new drug research institute, but was controlled by Dr. William, the director of the institute, to carry out an unannounced vaccine experiment. Unfortunately, the vaccine accidentally leaked and infected the town, and the company blocked the news with its powerful force. Can you escape from the dangerous trap of frightening step by step?


Zgame Studios


Zgame Studios


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