Radiant Ascent VR (PC)

This is an application to blend art and music in virtual reality. Artistic videos were generated using neural networks, and then the signal from any audio source is used to modulate the colors and controller vibrations. These modulated videos are projected onto an ellipsoid that the user can warp. They can also change many other parameters like color/filter/particle effects, leading to the potential for endless unique experiences!

also has an Art Gallery ft. over 60 paintings from talented artist Gene Saylor
Warp the dimensions of the video-art projection ellipsoid
Interactive Particle Fountain with over 20 functions. The particles use Gene's art stretched over spheres.
13 Swimming Aquatic Creatures with over 100 textures
Over an Hour of unique equirectangular Neural Network feature visualization video art
User has authority to control to control many other parameters for endless variation (e.g. hue/saturation, color inversion filter, projection sphere dimensions, playback speed, projection ellipsoid dilation/amplitude/spacing, particle function inputs ... and much more!)


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Julio 23, 2019

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