Against Gravity (Android)

You are getting closer to the black hole. Watch out! The difference in attraction is working against you. The limitations of time and space have already disappeared, and your journey into the unknown is going to start.
Against Gravity is the first space exploration app that provides 4K 360/VR videos of space travel. You’ll fall from the sky, walk on the moon, wander in the solar system, and lose yourself in the universe. Against Gravity offers you different high-quality and immersive VR content. Download to start your space travel.
- 4K 180/360 videos fulfill your expectations for the panoramic experience
- Support H265. Streaming gets faster.
- Support watch offline. Download in advance, and share happiness with friends without loading interruptions.

Current contents list:
Secret Galaxy
Cassini: The Grand Finale
Trip to the Moon trailer
Our Solar System VR 360 Video
Descent to Europa
Mission: ISS 4K 360 VR simulator
Freefall 4K
What's Beyond
Space Dream VR


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