Fugl (PC)

Fugl is a sandbox game where you create the story, playing as a shape-shifting bird. Relax and feel the breeze under your wings as you glide serenely across picturesque landscapes, or kick up the excitement and soar up steep cliffs like an eagle. With no set rules the free roaming gameplay lets you discover the beauty and secrets of the worlds at your own pace and dares you to create your own meaning for a stress-free experience.

Fugl’s worlds are unique voxel playgrounds. They are procedurally generated yet carefully crafted, with diverse levels to explore, from icy wind blown caves to tropical paradises to great deserts and old growth forests. Each environment is rich with diverse wildlife with hundreds of animals to find. You may even be lucky enough to stumble across rare mythical creatures. Come close to any of these creatures and you have the chance to take on new visual characteristics and flying behaviours inspired by them.




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Julio 11, 2019

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