Save the Biros VR (PC)

In this game you will be locked in a labyrinth in virtual reality.

In order to understand what happens to you, you will meet Biros locked in cages that you can deliver. These strange animals are a funny mix of bird, duck and helicopter.... But the main goal is to find the right path using cranks and mostly a lot of memory . Indeed, each wall is identical and it will be difficult for you to find yourself in each labyrinth (8 in number with increasing difficulty). One entry per world, one exit ...

Maps are naturally there to help you, but it will still find them.Some doors will open definitively but others open only for a short time. It will be necessary to go quickly.

Also stay cautious, in the difficult levels it may be that enemies appear ...


- Smooth locomotion Only (No teleportation)
- Feelings of motion sickness may be present with this game
- You interact automatically with objects by getting closer to them
- Lowpoly
- 8 levels with increasing difficulty
- 1 end boss
- Simple textures to have a real difficulty and a difficulty of memorization
- You can, open the doors with levers, find cards and Biros in cages to deliver, and die because of traps and enemies.




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Julio 4, 2019

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