Into the Sky (Android)

Skydiving, aerobatics, sunrise flights! Experience the adrenalin loaded daily live of three extreme athletes in the immersive 360° film format. Ready for take off?
Into the Sky documents the passion of a paraglider, an aerobatic pilot and a parachutist in 360°: Risking their lives during breathtaking maneuvers. Experience the film in the innovative 360° format from the first person view with spatial audio and maximum immersion.

In addition to the linear film an interactive version which can be experienced with an app has been published . In this version the user can influence the course of the story or simply change the cameras perspective.
A highlight in the interactive version is triggering the parachute jump. An interaction must be carried out at the right time which contributes to an increased tension. If the user interacts wrong he is thrown back in the plot.

Download the app now and epxerience the next level of interactive storytelling.




Diego Montoya