Rayball (PC)

Rayball - is a dynamic game - shooter. The main idia is to destroy enemies which flying into the player. Your main goal is not to die and score the most available number of points. You have only 5 lives don't forget about it!
Rayball has 3 game display formats: 360, 180 and 90 degrees. Now the game has one dynamic music track. The player fights with a gun in his hand.
The game will have lot of our own music , the graphics will be improved, physics of player, also in future any person will be able to add the own music.
We want to show the opportunities of a VR game Rayball. As for example, we have already made a lot of innovations such as play in full-format 360 degree view.


LLC Rayball


LLC Rayball



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Junio 13, 2019

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