Beyond the Stars VR (PC)

Legend has it that once, long ago, magical guardians lived in the Pacific Islands. Since they’ve left, the people and the land have become sick. But, hope is not lost. One day, a brave young hero may rediscover the guardians’ secrets by finding the hidden relics they left behind. Could you be that hero?

Beyond the Stars VR is a roughly 5-10 minute cinematic experience centred around adventure and exploration. Designed as part of a larger transmedia program for the Pacific Islands, the experience introduces you to the mythical history and magical world of Beyond the Stars through stunning immersive environments and exciting interactive puzzles.PLEASE NOTE: - Beyond The Stars VR is a very short experience (5 to 10 minutes) developed for educational purposes in the Pacific Islands. It is the cinematic introduction to Beyond The Stars mobile and was deployed in schools across Fiji. For more information click here.

- Beyond the Stars VR includes Nvidia GameWorks technologies and is therefore only supported by Nvidia cards.







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Junio 7, 2019

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