Cosmic Trip (PC)

Cosmic Trip is all about bringing RTS gameplay into a native VR (room-scale) experience. After being deployed on an alien planet, you will build structures, harvest resources and build your army of cosmobots to defend your base and launch assaults on the enemy. Ancient alien pylons on the planet form a network of base nodes for you to capture and push back the alien enemy forces in this intergalactic tug-of-war.

Feel the power as your army of bad-ass flying robots swarms around you to form an impenetrable ball of death!


Native VR room-scale RTS gameplay. Motion-controlled with HTC Vive controllers.
Strategically deploy your cosmobot forces to combat and to capture territories
Equip futuristic VR weapons
Manage and optimize your resource supply-line with harvesting cosmobots
Build defensive structures and turrets to fortify your bases
Gnarly tunes and groovy vibes

The core gameplay of Cosmic Trip is aimed at being strategic RTS gameplay experience. However, in First Person Room Scale VR this is a quite different experience, since you are fully immersed in the midst of the action. The strategy of the game centers around the nodes on each planet, laid out in a network to allow the player to develop strategic choices on where to capture and defend, and how to allocate your resources effectively.

We've also explored weapon designs and interactions that feel natural and fun to use in VR. The goal of these weapon designs is easy to use, but hard to master. Skillful use of weapons can turn the tide of battle significantly.

Currently, we are releasing the Cosmic Trip as a pre-release Steam Early Access to engage the community so that we can better understand what features y'all are digging the most. It is still quite early in development and we have a lot planned ahead. So hop on and join us for the ride!


Funktronic labs


Funktronic labs