Sports Scramble (Quest)

Welcome to Sports Scramble! Developed by Armature exclusively for the untethered freedom of Oculus Quest.

Take your favorite sports and mix them together! Play Tennis with a Golf Club. Bowl a strike with a Basketball. Smash a Home Run with a Hockey Stick! Each of the three main sports: Tennis, Bowling, and Baseball has their own Single-Player Training, QuickPlay, and Challenge Modes. And don't forget to go online and compete against other Sports Scramblers in myriad of multiplayer modes. Run around a large court in Tennis. Knock the pins down in a zany variety of lanes in Bowling. Show off your pitching and batting skills in Baseball.

Armature Studio, the developer of Fail Factory! for the Gear VR, has created an accessible yet competitive multiplayer experience with lighthearted, meaningful changes to equipment and settings.




Armature Studio



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