Tiny Mortals VR (PC)

Tiny mortals VR puts you in the role of a god tasked with defending your people's castle. Defend against endless waves of enemies ranging, from tiny stick men to mighty ogres and fierce dragons! Built with a deep love for ragdoll physics and violence, let out your aggression on these tiny mortals who dare approach your domain!Key feature include:Endless waves of increasing difficulty as well as custom waves including zombie swarms!
Collision physics allowing you to pick up and kill your enemies in whatever creative way you can think of, throw them at each other, pick them up by their feet and bash them on the ground, send them on a quick flight to the other side of the world the choice is yours!
Various weapons to slice, bash, launch, and dismember!Assign your own people to repair your castle, worship you to allow stronger magic or defend your castle with a bow!
Unleash magic to kill enemies or convert them into mighty champions to help you repel the invasion!
Upgrade your castle and the surrounding area to make killing your enemies more fun or rewarding, as well as allow new abilities or options to make your enemies pay!


Matthew Schaeffer



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Mayo 16, 2019

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