VR-CPR Personal Edition (PC)

VR-CPR is a virtual reality simulation of emergency situations, designed to be a training tool for teaching the procedure of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The system offers three photo-realistic scenarios in which the user is called to help a victim of cardiac arrest, receiving real-time feedback of the chest compression performance.

At the beginning of each demo you will be able to select among three different scenarios: hospital, out-of-hospital and pediatric. Each scenario differs for victim and AED availability, requiring the user to perform different protocols. Before starting, it is possible to customize some aspects, such as the AED arrival time, how many chest compression cycles perform, which cycles should be shockable or not-shockable, and the used AED. Our past partnership with some of the most prominent AED producers suggest allowed us to simulate real life units, with the same audio and video hints the user would get during a real emergency.

Before starting the experience it is possible to calibrate the scenario in order to match the virtual victim chest with a compression device or surface. In this way, you can perform CPR on an object of his choice, getting real time accurate feedback on the depth and the rate of the compressions.

Each scenario shows a patient collapsing after a cardiac arrest. You will be guided through the specific BLSD protocol each scenario features (for example assessing consciousness, checking for breathing, calling for help or performing CPR). Controllers are used to track the chest compressions in the dedicated phase, and provide instant feedback that will help you to adjust and improve your performance.

Our project is not meant to replace the current medical tools used during training; it complements them with visual feedback, real-time feedback and an additional level of immersion.


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