Bullet Harmony (PC)

Aim, focus, and shoot to the music in this VR Rhythm FPS!

Welcome to Bullet Harmony, where the goal is to simply shoot targets to the rhythm of a song.
This VR first person shooter teaches you the difficulty of aiming your gun, but, with the power of music, you'll become a sharpshooting musician.

When you play a song, targets will appear, and, depending on how fast the targets come and go, you must tap into your senses to shoot the most amount of targets as possible to get the highest score.

Players using the level creation software that comes with the game, can easily place down targets and adjust difficulty while listening to a song, and export it to share with friends.

It is incredibly easy to import other people's levels, once you do, you can face the creator's challenge and try to get the best score!

Become a sharpshooting musical genius today!

Important: Currently the level editor only supports .ogg files, you must convert the audio files yourself.


Suspendee Studios



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Abril 25, 2019

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