My Africa (PC)

In this experience you will be able to watch a 360 film called 'My Africa' as well as participating in 'Elephant Keeper' where you form a meaningful connection with our baby elephant as you care for her and nurse her back to health. MY AFRICA : ELEPHANT KEEPER has the potential to be a significant vehicle for outreach and education, using participation as a pathway to lasting lessons.
At your feet is a 3 month old orphaned elephant, created from thousands of photographs, and detailed CGI to look incredibly real. Following on from the 360 film, She has lost her mother to poachers and has just arrived at the sanctuary. She is sedated, but very much alive. It’s up to you now! she needs you to nurse her back to health.
There is important work to do. You must follow a series of tasks in the correct order, checking them off the
whiteboard as you go. Use the tools in your surroundings to help. Only once you have cooled her down, checked the heart rate, taken a blood sample and fed her milk will she will begin to wake up and be ready to rejoin the other
orphaned elephants.





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