The Curious Study of Dr. Blackwood: A VR Tech Demo (PC)

Hi, we’re Digital Myths . . . and welcome to our Study.
The Curious Study of Dr. Blackwood is a short, sweet, and simple VR tech demo that shows off our VR skills, as well as gives a sneak peek at our work on our first title, a supernatural adventure game called Project Spectral. Relax in the beautiful virtual space, mess around with weird objects and magical abilities, or dig a little deeper to uncover some insider secrets we’ve left for you to find.

So this is a game demo?
Not exactly! This isn’t a traditional demo in the sense of showing off story or full gameplay – we’re not quite that far along yet! But we have created some pretty awesome stuff that we’re proud of – art, environment, effects, magic system, interactions, and virtual presence – and we wanted to share it as soon as we could. We hope you enjoy this little taste . . . and come back for the more adventurous entrée later!

So if it’s not a game demo, what do I do?
Whatever you like! We created this virtual space for users to experiment with in VR. Pick up items, interact with objects, maybe even try casting a few spells. Keep an eye out for mysterious secrets, or Easter eggs that reveal more about our team and our development. Or just draw a comfy chair up by the fire and relax . . . and try not to worry about that glowering gargoyle in the corner. . .


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