MonteCube Dodge (PC)

Survive by dodging and deflecting enemies, objects and obstacles in VR. You are placed in an environment where you need to be agile and on your feet. MonteCube Dodge offers unique levels which can be unlocked after surviving for a given amount of time. Each level will get increasingly difficult the longer you survive. When unlocking the next level, new enemies and obstacles will appear challenging the player in many different ways. Once you complete all of MonteCube’s levels, endless mode will be unlocked along with an area to build blocks and create cool structures using the items around you.

1.) When Inside a level, grab the pointer cube to start the challenge.
2.) Use the baseball bat to deflect enemies and objects around you.
3.) Survive for around 1-3 minutes per level.
4.) You can hold the pointer cube out in front of you to get a better view on what you are trying to protect.
5.) Try to move around and be agile when protecting the cube.
6.) Look around the environment at all times, some enemies can be sneak and approach you from behind.
7.) Adjust your playstyle if you are losing more than 5 times for a level.
8.) Make sure the pointer cube you are trying to protect doesn’t hit the walls, floor or ceiling.
9.) You should hold onto the pointer cube at all times, but you are able the let go of the pointer cube and place it anywhere within the bounds of the level once you start.
10.) Watch out for the flame throwers on the 3rd level. They can hit you before you realize it if you don’t watch for them.
11.) MonteCube can get intense at certain points when you least expect it, so prepare yourself for shock!

Updates may occur to adjust gameplay and add additional content. Hope you enjoy your experience, and please let us know if you have any suggestions or improvements for MonteCube. We appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Lead Developer: David Montecalvo
Special thanks to Zhihang Deng for programming assistance and contribution.







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