Twinkle Star - 未来はすぐそこで待っている (PC)

"Twinkle Star - 未来はすぐそこで待っている" is a unique VR rhythm game (RhythmGame) based on the operating modes of various popular rhythm games on the market. The game has been licensed by SQUARE ENIX's well-known IP "Girls under the Blue Sky", so we have created a special customized "Twinkle Star - Future Waiting" for VR users. The game is a special single version. The songs used are supervised by Japanese music teachers. The Japanese style is strong and the most distinctive feature is that the rhythm is very strong. As the music rings, the mood will be taken away by the rhythm of tension. Even if it is delicate and delicate, the songs that are laid-back on holidays are like strolling on the street, running and jumping.

Join us and enjoy!





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