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Abril 6, 2019

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The Infinite Art Museum is building a collection of art bigger than the Louvre - a free, permanent virtual reality museum open to all artists. Our mission is to create a growing and enduring home for art in VR that is accessible to everyone.

Explore paintings, illustrations and photography from creators all over the world with more joining every week. We will be adding Special Collections and new artists to this and further volumes as the IAM grows.

Visit the Infinite Art Museum website to learn more about our artists and how to support or contribute art to the IAM.

Number of IAM Artists: 48
Number of Original Works: 527

Level One
  • Sreerag Praful
  • Tim Robinson
  • Naiane Pereira
  • Chelsea Baker
  • Katarina Meglic
  • Romer Kitching
  • Nataliia Orlova
  • Frank Loria
  • Athina Kilimantzou
  • Richard King

Level Two
  • K. Alagupandian
  • Galina Ivanova
  • Dinesh Rm
  • Ivan Balyasnikov
  • Brett Polonsky
  • Jessica Hamilton
  • J. Saxton
  • Muneeswaran

Level Three
  • Gabrielle Warr
  • Amy Woods
  • Victoria Shone
  • Olaf Wischnewski
  • Wyatt Wurtenberger
  • Abstract Jer
  • Tracy Watt
  • Simone Silva
  • Brenda Wilson
  • Rosi Galvan
  • Kyle Tristan Completo
  • Alexandr Kryushyn
  • Arunovn

Level Four
  • Marina Sutter
  • Godfrey Meyer III
  • Valentine Louafi
  • Dhanashree Manjare
  • Sarah Turner
  • Fiona Donnevert
  • Jeremy Hughel
  • Simon Hagberg

Level Five
  • Robert Parkinson
  • Victor Fitzsimons
  • Sandy Young
  • Matthew Evans
  • Mario Fegan
  • Olena Vertsanova
  • J Christian S
  • Brenda Wilson


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