Delirium VR (PC)

Delirium is a haunting first-person psychological horror game, made from the ground up exclusively for VR. A small indie game built around bigger themes of loss, lust and self-inflicted misery. It's a tale of Jon and Anna who moved into a long abandoned home and vanish within 30 days, without leaving a trace.

Main Features:

Exploration Based: The emphasis is to explore this house and discover its secrets through each room and secret areas.

Narrative Driven: The entire game is based on a narrative about this house and its inhabitants. It invites the player to explore the world to unfold the story.

First-Person VR Exclusive: A VR exclusive first-preson game where everything from environments to interaction is built with the idea of VR in mind.

Atmospheric: Atmosphere driven cinematic game, to convey the foreboding and unsettling feeling that the house imposes effectively. A horror game is less dependent on monsters and more on the dreary atmosphere of its world. The very air should feel thick with the impending dread to convey the essence of psychological horror.

Puzzles/Gameplay: There are locked doors and secret places that need a combination lock or a puzzle or a key item to navigate.

Audio Diaries: Audio dairies are scattered in the place, providing key first-hand account of tragedies that befell the past inhabitants and what occurred to them over the 30 days.

Lastly, I'd like to say that this is a short one-man made game that tries to be ambitious despite its small scope. It's pure indie in its essence and my humble node to all the inspiring horror classic games and cinema that I have grown up with.


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Night Whale


Night Whale



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Marzo 26, 2019

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