BreathePeace World (PC)

Awaken your ability to Breathe Peace inside a luminous Virtual Reality storybook world. Enter a shimmering grove of living, breathing trees where uniquely sparkling snowflakes undulate in a watercolor landscape. MEET AYA, your adorable wisdom teacher who always greets you with boundless love and appreciation. Aya will help awaken your innate ability to BREATHE PEACE through embodied learning. When you’re ready to return home, you’ll know exactly how to breathe peace with anyone in any situation, anywhere.

Included in Breathe Peace World are MEET AYA and BREATHE PEACE. In MEET AYA, learn a simple practice to transform your inner world into a peaceful world and your lifetime into a peaceful lifetime. Enter BREATHE PEACE and explore more or simply enjoy breathing peace with the trees, the snowflakes or with Aya. Stay as long as you like.

To learn more, please visit www.BreathePeace.World.


GOH Studio


GOH Studio