Icesolation (PC)

It is 1994. The Soviet Union has collapsed and from its buried archives, two researchers have discovered documents alluding to a top-secret military operation deep in Siberia. Journeying to the site themselves, the researchers found an abandoned outpost sitting on top of an old mine. While one of the two delved into the documents and maps in a topside office, the other headed inside the mine... which collapsed, sealing them inside. Now, with only a pick and a radio contact to their colleague on the surface, the researcher has only one goal: Find a way back to freedom.CO-OP GAMEPLAY
Co-op with the screen and VR-headset! The VR player explores the mines while the PC player guides them with the help from maps and documentation!VR PLAYER
Explore the old mines using a variety of different VR controls and witness the dilapidation and mystery of the mine.PC PLAYER
Guide the VR player towards freedom and discover the fate of the Soviet expedition from abandoned documents.UNFORGIVING SIBERIA
Icesolation offers an authentic experience of being lost in an underground cave. Expect no handholding.


Aventura indie


Happy Hobgoblin


Happy Hobgoblin



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