Old Port Royal (PC)

Old Port Royal, a VR Playset Series, is a swashbuckling Pirate action game where players face off against cunning AI Pirate opponents to see who can pilfer the most booty and who has the best blade. Utilizing a traditional, intuitive third person control scheme combined with state-of-the-art virtual position tracking, it delivers a unique gaming experience like no other. Grandiloquent lighting, computational physics and other big word surprises are waiting for you around every corner.
Real, physics based sword combat where balanced blocking and attacking is key to success
Treasure Hunt mode: Fight off rival pirates and guards as you compete to deliver chests of gold to your waiting galleon.
Buried Treasure: X marks the spot and you'll need to keep a sharp eye out to find it.
Invasion Mode: Protect Old Port Royal against increasing waves of menacing pirate invaders (living and not so living).
Night / Day / Hardcore modes
All sorts of pirate fun awaits!


Warden Studios LLC



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Marzo 14, 2019

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