The Morrigan (PC)

Raid the direful catacombs of the Morrigan, the Celtic Queen of the dead, if you dare. Built exclusively for VR by a small team of VFX and VR veterans, this stunning action RPG offers VR adventurers an uncommonly immersive experience that will see them smashing skeletons, unlocking secrets and rescuing princesses.

Physics-based melee combat
Easy to learn, hard to master swordplay with blocks, parrying and counters
Explore beautifully rendered environments, solve puzzles and avoid traps
Play this game your way: dual-wield, use a bow or a shield, each weapon offering strengths and weaknesses
5 enemy attack styles
20+ weapons
Playable with free locomotion or teleport or both.


The Pixel Mine Ltd


Steam Oculus

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Marzo 29, 2019

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