THE TEAR is an immersive VR adventure.
Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.

Is it YOU?
To find the secret gate to the Otherworld?
Leave reality behind and enter a fantastic dream, a strange fairytale... find yourself in THE TEAR.

What will you decide?
There is never just one path through this VR adventure. The whole world is one big circular puzzle and your beginning might be the end. Save this magic world by reacting to your environment. Will you gain the trust of a fairy so it would land on your hand? Will the sphinxes be merciful to you?

... Go out and marvel at this world of wonders with the eyes of a child. And after a wondrous journey, fantastical creatures might grant you admittance to another dimension only a pure heart might be able to withstand”.

Are YOU the one to save both, the magic world and the world outside your HMD?

Gameplay-time for one play-throughs is between 30 minutes and one hour.


Aventura indie


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Febrero 28, 2019

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