A Lullaby of Colors VR (PC)

Feeling stressed? Treat yourself to this VR refuge from the real world with procedurally generated realms of gentle sounds, sweet-tasting colors, and breathtaking beauty.

Find and catch the bouncing spheres to visit different worlds. Find the perfect place to relax and watch the virtual world go by. There are no enemies, quests, guns, or puzzles. There is no objective other than to relax and enjoy.

Great for relaxing, open-eyed meditation, or jaw-dropping drug-free tripping
Endless blissful landscapes to soar through
Infinite number of procedurally generated worlds and soundscapes
Relaxing and immersive VR experience for HTC Vive or Oculus Rift
Friendly for sitting, standing, or room-scale VR
Head-controlled steering to prevent motion sickness, or hand controller snap turning for non-360 degree setups
Easily save 4K resolution snapshot images of your experience, to share with others, or use as a wallpaper


Casual indie


Andrew C. Wang


Andrew C. Wang



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Febrero 21, 2019

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