Skyland Defense (PC)

Grab a tower and give those pirates a run for their money, or sit back and watch as your strategically placed towers do the dirty work for you. Place traps to defend your island and expand your village to strengthen your defenses. Build a variety of different buildings to increase your efficiency and overcome the pirates with more options at hand.

Can you fight off the pirates before they destroy your core?


  • Over a 40 unique buildings including towers, traps, utility structures and more
  • Build at multiple strategic locations to get the best defense
  • Changing enemy types that require new strategies to deal with them
  • Build up the ruined village and restore your island
  • Collect different resources to expand
  • Online Leaderboards to compare how far you managed to get
  • Online Multiplayer with up to 8 friends

Online Multiplayer

  • VR and Keyboard/mouse can play together
  • 8 players in public and unlimited in private lobbies
  • Drop-In Multiplayer: You can join others while they are already playing
  • Join random players or create your own lobby


SDC Ventures


SDC Ventures