Endless Night (Android)

Thursday, December 5, 2019 7:15 p.m.

I’m a police officer and I was on my way home after the night shift. In front of my house, my wife, daughter and son were busy preparing for summer camp. After I sent my family away for summer camp, I was tired so I went to bed early.

It was very noisy outside so I woke up and I couldn’t believe my eyes! I looked outside and it was terrible sight! People killing each other, biting each other! There were gunshots coming from every direction! It was hard to tell whether the world was red from the sunset or red from the blood of people.

At this moment, I was only worried about my family so I picked up my cell phone to call my wife. I called a dozens of times, but couldn’t get through. I have to find my family right now!

You must survive until you find your family.

※ Galaxy S8 or higher is recommended, it may not play smoothly on previous models.


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ChaDol Studio