ArmZ (PC)

ArmZ is a project with a special goal: to create a different kind of control in VR games. We want the players to immerse in our game not by the direct control over the body of the robot, but by the feeling of steering it. This way, you can really feel the size and weight of our huge metal beast.

After several tests we managed to create a complex rig of the robot. Then we searched for the best type of gameplay. It turned out that wave shooter is the best and most convenient playground for our robot.

We are planning to update our game on a regular basis, as well as share videos and pictures from the development process. We hope you’ll enjoy playing the game just as much as we have enjoyed creating it!

Unique experience of controlling a huge battle robot
Immersive shooting feeling
Great graphics
4 unique and powerful weapons
6 levels in three different environments
6 types of enemies
More weapons, levels and enemies
2 bosses
Endless mode
Multiplayer mode
We love new technologies and computer graphics. We’re a very small indie team of 3 developers, so we really hope that the Steam Community will help us with the decision-making process!







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Marzo 28, 2019

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