Unframed (Android)

This application contains three VR episodes. Each of the three episodes is dedicated to a masterpiece or to a famous Swiss artist. In an original staging and a breathtaking soundscape, you will discover the emotions that lie at the very heart of these toiles, Between entertainment and information, fiction and documentary, Unframed is surely no simple audio guide for a museum. It is in fact a new artwork celebrating an older one.

The Unframed application regroups the three existing episodes of the series. Directed by Martin Charrière from DNA Studios, produced by the Radio Télévision Suisse, they have been screened in many festivals among them, the Locarno International Film Festival, the Geneva International Film Festival, the VR Library of Festival de Cannes, London film week and many more.

The three episodes are :

- Isle of the Dead (Böcklin)
- Intimacies (Vallotton)
- The Night, Lanscapes & The Woodcutter (Hodler)


DNA Studios


DNA Studios



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