Psyia (PC)

In a black void, several hundred thousand tiny cubes dance and flow around gravitational fields emitted from the Vive controllers. Endless hypnotic and beautiful behaviours emerge from the simplest of physical laws.

Psyia is a custom GPU-accelerated physics system. Enter the StarLab and become a rainbow wizard (or witch), casting innumerable multicoloured particles around a void. The world pulses and morphs in time with the music and every detail of the simulation is tweakable to your exact tastes.

Or, for something more relaxing, enter Meditation mode, with support for laying, floor-sit, chair-sit or standing modes. Put your controllers down and watch as the particles dance and flow the meditation crystals, a peaceful and never-repeating ambient soundtrack of chimes guide you inwards.

GPU-powered physics-controller particle system with hundreds of thousands of particles possible on VR minimum-spec PCs
Audio-reactive: automatically picks up the audio playing from your PC (so works with Spotify, YouTube, etc)
Includes the album 'Escape the Tangle' by ColorPulse by default
StarLab Mode, where you can customise tons of options creating almost anything you can imagine
Meditation Mode, where you can lay back on some pillows and just watch the patterns emerge




Lachlan Sleight


Lachlan Sleight



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Mayo 1, 2019

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