Jelly Beams (Android)

Jelly Beams is a fast and colorful arcade shooter. Grab your gun and use the motion controls to shoot all the jellies! Try to survive as long as you can as you go through wave after wave of cute jelly monsters, each with unique behaviours and mechanics.

Jelly Beams is a great first-time user experience in VR, with very comfortable and simple controls. At the same time, it's a challenging wave shooter that will require you to master different mechanics to get far!

Currently has 2 different modes:

Jelly Attack Game Mode - A wave survival-style game mode You score points for the jellies you destroy and get progressively more points as you get to later waves. As you progress you find new kinds of jellies, each with new mechanics. You only have 3 lives, so use them wisely!

Practice Mode - Spawn jellies and learn their behaviors to hone your skills between runs. In this mode you have the freedom to spawn as many jellies as you want and battle them to learn how to best handle with them.


BitCake Studio


BitCake Studio