Secret Savings (PC)

StoryUnfortunately, even though you are the master of the house, your wife grasps all rights of your property.
One evening, you decide to get back all the secret savings hidden by your wife.
However, something is strange... It is not only secret savings that your wife is hiding...Find out the secret savings of your wife!!The purpose of this game is to collect secret savings.
You can find them everywhere in the house.
(Wait, "secret" doesn't make any sense...)Everywhere in the house is the hiding placeIn the house, there are a lot of places where wife can hide the money. It is recommended to search everywhere, in the bedroom, garage and so on.

You can move the items which you can find in this game.
Some secret savings may be hidden behind books, can, tools or miscellaneous goods to which you do not pay attention in your daily of life.
Let's get all your money back by searching carefully on the book shelves and in the drawers!!
What?...What if your wife discovers your deed? No problem, all of the secret savings were earned by YOU!!You can play this game with only one controller.This game does not need two VR controllers for playing.
Even when you face cases like, one of your VR controllers is out of battery or when you cannot find out one of your VR controllers, there is no problem.
Let's go to make a counterattack against your wife!!


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