Area of Darkness: Sentinel (PC)

How did it come to this? Your presence at a meeting you weren’t even really invited to. An agreement to a trip you weren’t even prepared to take. Putting your life in the hands of strangers you weren’t even ready to trust. Seeing things you weren’t even really sure you saw. Now, you must survive something you aren’t even sure that you can…

Area of Darkness: Sentinel is a psychological thriller/adventure game built from the ground up for virtual reality. Meet intriguing characters, uncover a harrowing mystery, and fight to survive.

Follow the story of Dr. Anne Evans on her journey from 1978 New York to the timeless Sentinel Islands, one of the few places in the world yet to be touched by modern civilization - an area of darkness. Set off on a breathtaking adventure to solve an ancient mystery, thousands of years in the making.Features
Play as junior archaeologist Dr. Anne Evans in a faithful recreation of the 1970’s
Survive thrilling set pieces built from the ground up for virtual reality
Engage in a fully voice acted, branching narrative with interesting characters, environmental storytelling and collectible journal entries
Explore multiple stunning locations from a university in upstate New York to millennia-old tombs on North Sentinel Island.
Fight supernatural creatures with an intuitive, motion based combat system
Solve unique puzzles using a variety of techniques such as controller motion, item combining, physics based throwing, and environmental manipulation


Aventura indie


Rematch Studios


Rematch Studios



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Julio 1, 2019

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