Sopwith VR (PC)

This is a prototype virtual reality World War One flight combat simulator inspired by David L. Clark's classic game from 1984. Dogfight and shoot down Fokker triplanes with your Sopwith biplane. Things may be incomplete and broken.

Control pitch and roll by grabbing the yoke. Adjust thrust by grabbing the throttle to the left.

If you crash your plane, pull the yellow ejection handle in front of the pilot's seat straight up to restart the level.

Grab (hold, or click to toggle):
Grip button (Vive, Oculus, and WMR)

Fire (while grabbing the yoke):
Trigger (Vive, Oculus, and WMR)

Blip (while grabbing the yoke):
Application menu button (Vive),
B button (Oculus),
Trackpad click (WMR)

Press the blip buttons on both controllers simultaneously to recenter the view.


David Mohr Gould


David Mohr Gould



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Enero 16, 2019

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