VR Quest: SCP-087 (PC)

Welcome to the Virtual Reality Quest: SCP-087. This is small indie horror game based on the SCP foundation lore. In this game you are D-class person and your objective is to find out who is SCP-087 and SCP-087-1.Features Completly procedural-generated levels. Every single play would be unique
Multiple endings based on your in-game behaviour.
Realistic physical-based rendering textures. Better than crysis!
Motion controllers support
It's indie! Every feedback and feature request are welcomeWhat is SCP-Foundation?SCP Foundation is a secret organization entrusted by governments around the globe to contain and study anomalous individuals, entities, locations, objects, and phenomena operating outside the bounds of natural law. If left uncontained, the objects would pose a direct threat to human life and to humanity's perceptions of reality and normalcyWhat is SCP-087?SCP-087 is a staircase that appears to descend downwards forever. The staircase is inhabited by SCP-087-1, which is described as a face without a mouth, pupils or nostrils.Wait... What is SCP-087 EXACTLY?(Spoiler alert!) SCP-087 is a portal between our wolrd and ghost's world. Depending on your behaviour, stairway will lead you to another world with own story which wasn't disclosed in scp foundation wiki







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