TowerHex (PC)

TowerHex is an escape game, where you don't escape, but proceed through the story. You and your team will be trapped in the virtual reality, where you will be forced to battle monsters, learn the basics of magic and protect the Fantasy World from the forces of evil.

Game is built for everyone between age of 10 and 99 without any VR or HTC Vive experience.

Game Features

* 100% designed for room scale VR, but is playable also standing and sitting
* 10 rooms to escape and only 55 minutes to save the villagers and fight the Evil Wizard
* Magical atmosphere, fantasy environment
* Beautiful graphics by high rendering techniques immersive interaction in VR gameplay
* Various interesting mechanism and well-designed puzzles through the story
* Mysterious game space, different gameplay in different rooms
* Easy controls - one button intuitive gameplay


TowerHex Games


TowerHex Games



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