Super Hockey Ball (PC)

What is Super Hockey Ball?
Street hockey in virtual reality! Super Hockey Ball is an explosive sports/adventure experience featuring intuitive controls, physics-based gameplay, and cartoon-inspired design.

Hit a ball. Earn points. Be a superstar!

So, why Super Hockey Ball?
Through our careful research, we’ve discovered that reality is boring. So, instead of just emulating reality, Super Hockey Ball makes it better. Plus, playing with a ball is awesome! We’ve boiled things down to the fun part. You won't be picking up random objects just because you can. You'll be hitting a ball with a stick. Because that is, quite simply, fun.

What features can I expect?Roomscale Blocking
Dynamic Hockey Stick
Targeted Locomotion
Direction Compensating Menus
Semi-procedural Level Design


InnerLoop LLC


InnerLoop LLC



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Julio 1, 2019

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