Spuds Unearthed (PC)

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Enero 10, 2019

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Welcome to the world of Spuds, where mayhem is neverending!

You are an A.I. Hands system - a standard equipment of Spud's Baseship, with a new directive programmed by the Spuds Scientists - to conquer the Galaxy!

During your adventure, you will fight zombie Spuds that infested planets and compete with other Players Spuds squads in a ever-changing, asynchronous multiplayer world!

Your quest can be executed by many several activities:
-Specializing your crew by assigning them different classes;
-Sending them into the battlefield with a guidance of vehicles and Goonbots;
-Producing bizarre turrets with pumps, cranks, and springs which help you directly fight your enemies.

After battle, you will receive the Tokens - blueprints that can be thrown into different buildings to produce new, sometimes suprising weapons for conquers.

All actions will cost you the Playdust - the main currency in the game that powers the whole Home Planet.

Turn on your VR and get ready to fight!








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