An Escape Room Series: Robbery at the Museum (PC)

Escape Room Series: Robbery at the Museum is the gripping first installment in the world of VR escape games that will leave you wanting for more.

The devil is in the DETAILS and every little HINT counts for you to escape the museum! Explore the environment, interact with different objects, unravel mysterious clues and find your way to the precious artifact.
But remember..
The CLOCK is ticking!

- Look closely, is there a thing that shouldn’t be there or maybe an item that looks out of place?

- Intuitive tutorial that will help you get acquainted with controls and move around with ease

- Explore different rooms and stock up on your inventory, you never know what could come in handy

Are you up for a challenge? Will you escape the museum before you get caught?


Big Immersive


Varrow Interactive