Orc Towers VR (PC)

Rise up, Conjurer, for the fate of Eldinoor rests in your hands! The great wyrm Arnathra has awakened from her centuries-long slumber, and great is her hunger for blood and gold. Ever a covetous and wrathful beast, Arnathra has enslaved the orcs of the Aedrech Mountains and sends them into our lands. Even now they pour forth into the Valley of Crows, a frenzied horde intent on bloodshed and plunder. Hold them here, at the Pass of Sorrows, and call forth your towers of fire and ice. Let neither your courage fail, nor your wand rest idle, for without you… all is lost.”

Orc Towers VR is a first person tower defense game. Build your defenses up to defend against the orc hordes. Teleport between towers to unleash different spells and combinations to defeat the orcs.


Acción Casual indie


Coding Jar Studios Inc.



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Diciembre 20, 2018

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