Angry Ball VR (PC)

Do you want to angry birds like slingshot shooting puzzle game in 3D VR space?
Here is The Angry Ball VR!

“Help! Kittens in danger!”
It’s just another sunny day and you are enjoying a nice stroll along the road… when you suddenly get sucked into a portal! When you come to your senses, you find out that you are in Catworld, a peaceful land of cute and happy cats. Shortly after, Catworld gets invaded by evil blocks and they start kidnapping little kittens! They are out to turn everything into blocks and will stop at nothing! You are the “chosen one”, the last hope for restoring peace on Catworld. Are you the hero of the prophecy?KEY FEATURESDesigned for a room-scale experience for the Virtual Reality using controllers and motion sensors.
A Puzzle-Shooting game with realistic controls: Defeat the core to save the kittens.
Use a laser slingshot to destroy various types of Block Aliens.
(Regular Block, Light-up Block, Magnetic Block, Reflective Block, etc.)
Hitting boxes with kittens inside will cut your life points.
Collection of different maps including Cat Village, Valley, Sky, Space, etc.
Cool cats with individual personalities that assist you throughout your quest.
Control using the motion of actually shooting a slingshot using both hands for increased immersion.
Cool star wars like slingshot effect! How do I destroy blocks?There are nine types of blocks in Angry Ball. Clear the stages by destroying the last core using your slingshot.

Block TypesNormal Block – The default block.
Wood Block – Takes two hits to destroy.
Indestructible Block – Self-explanatory.
Directional Bomb Blocks – Destroys three cubes in the direction of the arrow.
6-way Explosive Block – Destroys one block in all directions in a straight line.
Plus Minus Blocks – All blocks destroyed when the middle block is hit.
Reflective Block – Bounces balls off.
Blocks containing kittens – Game over if hit.Cat Master's tutorial on how to shoot a slingshot.Hold the controller with the slingshot in your left hand and stretch your arm out straightforward. With your finger down on the trigger, pull your right hand towards your body past your ears like you are shooting a slingshot.
Check that the marble is loaded.
Release the trigger to shoot.
(For left-handed users, switch controllers to hold slingshot in right hand)







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