FoodFight (PC)

Reject unhealthy foods & defeat the Food Goblin in your life!

Avoid the Food Goblin’s attacks, discarding unhealthy foods and gathering healthy foods to help you reach your goal. Utilize power-ups, defense tools, and quick decision-making in order to win! Learn to successfully make healthy food choices in VR, which can translate to real-life food choices.

• Quick, casual gameplay
• Suitable for all ages
• Physics-based catching and throwing
• Power-ups and defense tools including magnets, gloves, squirt guns, and lunch trays
• Easy mode for beginners – 1 Food Goblin
• Hard mode for advanced players – 3 Food Goblins at once
• Game-based learning for improved health knowledge

Developed by Health Impact Studios, utilizing gaming technology to create healthy lifestyle change.





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Diciembre 13, 2018

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