Virtual Fighting Championship (VFC) (PC)

Welcome!Welcome to VFC's fantastical, mystical, terrific, royal but exotic Steam-Store, COMEEE and have a look! prices are good, quality is great!

Also, please join our vibrant, friendly, kind, light-hearted, cosy and warm discord channel!

Right now, we will be absorbing all your feedback and bug reports over there (we're actively developing the game, so your suggestion or reports will literally be reacted by us almost instantaneous!).

And once the time comes, we will organise small tournaments in discord, so join! :DWhat is Virtual Fighting Championship
Developed from 2016 to 2018, built from the ground up for VR Melee Combat PvP

The game currently features a Fantasy fighting mode as well as an upcoming Boxing championship/Kungfu mode. Furthermore, the game also boasts a playable single-player robot infinity mode that is at its alpha stage and will undergo active development during the first stage of early access.

VFC pursue to be the most content rich and fun inducing VR combat action game, gathering game modes ranging from PvP/Single-player to Co-op PvE. And the development of this game will continue indefinitely after launch

Supported VR Headsets:
HTC VIVE is fully supported

For Oculus, to get the best experience a 360 degree tracking is optimal, but without 360, the game is still good (we tested the game using only 180 degree tracking, and we felt it played quite well)

We haven't tested extensively for WMR just yet (will do in the near future), but we had a WMR user in our closed beta test, and he didn't experience any major issue

Full body tracking using either VIVE trackers or supporting gears for Oculus and other compatible headsets (to enable kicking!) will be added to single-player and Co-op mode later down the road depending on community demands.Play area requirementMore space you have the merrier, but VFC should be played with a minimum space of 1.5 metre x 2 metre, which is equivalent to 4.9 feet x 6.5 feet.

If you find navigating around the menu screen to be troublesome (because we made it that you have to walk up and punch the menu buttons), it would mean that you will be unsafe in an actual match.Internet connection and online PvPWe recommend you to use cable internet connection, as the wireless connection will cause small graphic lags.

The game uses NAT punch through to pair up the P2P connection between players, but if the connection punch-through failed, we do have a relay server to backup the connection (but that will cause higher than optimal latency level).

If you want a guaranteed optimal connection quality every time, please enable your router's UPnP setting (universal plug and play), so that the P2P connection will be much more stable.

Each brand and model of router varies in its navigation menu to change the UPnP setting. Please seek guidance on your router's official page to learn how to enable the UPnP setting! - we understand the security concern behind this, so players should make an informed decision on this setting!Word from developer - Yang
Hi, thanks for granting your presence here and to have a look at our game VFC! This is mostly a 1 person project, so bear with me as I will progressively add more feature and play modes to the game!

In VFC's final form, competitive PvP element will represent 20-30% of its value, Single-player/Co-op content will be of equivalent 30-40%, and there will also be various fun modes and training modules, which is a place where we want to mesh in all the small good mini-game ideas.

Featuring a melee combat mechanism built from the ground up for VR multiplayer, VFC will deliver best of quality of multiplayer content for both PvP and PvEWhat are the features in Virtual Fighting Championship at its full release
1v1 PvP cage fight (exists)
Global competitive PvP ladder system (exists)
Single-player one vs many Colosseum fights (to be released immediately after launch)
Co-op Colosseum raid fight (coming soon)
Training Mode (coming soon)
Fun Modes (coming soon)PvP
In PvP you fight against another player in a square sized free roam arena with your fist and abilities and is done in a true fighting game style of combat.

You can absolutely do it all: Jabs, hooks, crossovers, Dempsey rolls, fiery fists, lightning strike… you name it, all your favourite reality & fantasy fighting moves can now be done inside the virtual world. You have been granted an injury and jail-free opportunity to brutally smash a ‘someone’, dodging and parry all his/her moves and plotting your own match-winning manoeuvres. Make no mistake, your opponent is a real person, and this next-gen PvP Fighter game was made possible by VR and brought to you by Virtual Fighting Championship.

In VFC, there will be a diverse range of characters, some will put an emphasis on your actual fighting skills in real life (emphasis on raw punches), and some will put an emphasis on your quick wit and tactical thinking (emphasis on the smart usage of your ability spells).Current roster of avatars: (Visit to see character description in more detail)

Karl: A taste of true fighter, bring out your true fighting skills!
Poison: Fighting pace manipulator, control the pace of your fight, fight with a strategy!
Fala: A graceful trap master, fight smart and use your ability skillfully!

Players will venture into a Colosseum arena that is filled with magnificent war machines and robotic warriors, you will be pitted against them and fight for your life and glory. Those enemies are smart (and sometimes stupid) and tactful, players should not only rely on raw strength but also on situation awareness in order to survive the enemy encounters.

Initially, the mode features an infinity mode in which enemies come in waves and your objective is to fight until death, there will be a global leaderboard ranking for the highest wave survived. Gradually, additional modes will be added in which Players can team up and fight 'Raid-boss' enemies, players need to collaborate in terms of specialities, who is the tank? who is the dps? and who is the support?

Progress in this mode will grant you in-game currencies, which will be the ingredients for you to craft/conjure better gears which can specialise you in a certain fighting style: may that be melee strength, armour level, ability power, or crowd control specialist, you can use that specialisation and team up with other players to fight in even more epic battles!What VFC brings to the table
1. Online combat latency smoothing
It is obvious to many knowledgeable minds, that a PvP melee action game, especially in VR, requires for a very strict connection speed. VFC has made an attempt to smooth out the game-play even under higher latency environment, and during both our internal and closed beta tests, the results are positive, that even under high latency environment (~250 pings), the game can still be played with a reasonable satisfaction

2. Frame to frame accuracy in PvP melee combat interactions
• Each ‘physical assault’ is tracked based on its speed of movement and calculated to quantify their power and hence translate into damage dealt with each hit.
• A sandbox fighting experience using true physics calculation on the strength of your attacks. You should perform the proper punching technique not because the game tells you to, but because it is actually THE better way to win a game.
• Highly accurate real-time hit-box recognition (many games suffers from this, because VR tracking doesn't perform well under high-speed movements, but VFC solved this problem with high satisfaction.)
• The player can parry, and dodge with highly intuitive sensory accuracy.

3. Real-time body posture reconstruction - enabling all your boxing moves
• Using only the handheld VR controllers, VFC simulates the player’s body posture using reverse engineering mechanics, so, inside the game, your in-game avatar will track your actual body movements quite closely (of course let's not pretend weird things wouldn't happen haha!)

4. Motion Sickness Free
We have had thousands of game trails with different individuals when we exhibited VFC at 2016 PAX AUS and received no feedbacks of motion sickness.

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Available for Arcades on SynthesisVR
Available for Arcades on PrivateLabelVR
Available for Arcades on SpringboardVR


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