Tale of the Fragmented Star: Single Fragment Version / 星の欠片の物語、ひとかけら版 (PC)

Communication Puzzle Game
Made for VR from the very foundations.

Limited-Time Bonuses

Everyone who purchases the game during the first 3 weeks of release will receive the following downloadable extras:

1. Wallpaper

For PC backgrounds

2. Game Soundtrack
MP3s of the game music

3. Interactive Script

See the performance directions and play back each line (only in Japanese)

4. Design Document

View background info, character design, and more about the creation process (only in Japanese)


A lone girl stands abandoned on a broken star.
With the star deprived of its power, she can neither use it to escape nor inform others of her plight.
However, there exists a point on this star that intersects with another world.
The player, by standing on this convergence point and wearing the Otherworld-Viewing Device (VR unit), can enter the parallel world and communicate with the girl.
Together, they cooperate to solve the puzzle of restoring the star's power so she may be able to leave.


Game Concept

Although sight is highly intuitive in VR, the same cannot be said for most other aspects, leading to irritation from clumsy controls.
We designed this game around directing a character through glances to circumvent this and change that annoyance into a game element.

Game Control

Only the head-mounted display is needed to play.

Optional Controls:

For Oculus Touch:
Toggle subtitles: Trigger button
Toggle voice: Y button or B button
Re-center: Grip button or adjust the display

For VIVE and WinMR:
Toggle subtitles: Trigger button
Toggle voice: Use pad
Re-center: Grip button or adjust the display

Toggle subtitles: S
Toggle voice: L
Re-center: R or adjust the display

Saving/Deleting Data

This game has an autosave feature.
Save data is stored in this location: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\jitensyasougyou\Tale of the Fragmented Star_ Single Fragment Version
Delete the "Savedata.txt" file before opening the game to play from the beginning.


Planning, Setting, Scenario, Game Design, Level Design, Script: かざみみかぜ、(kazamimikaze,)
Development: フォージビジョン株式会社 (ForgeVision, Inc)
Character Design: 玉岡かがり (Kagari Tamaoka)
Music: 水野裕之 (Hiroyuki Mizuno)
Concept Art: Irohamu
Character Modeling: ヒノイチ (Hinoichi)
Object Modeling: ばね@まじめもでら (Vane @ Majimemodera) / 銀獅 (Ginjishi) / しえら(Sierra)
Character Animation: ポンポコP (Ponpoko P) / フレディ (Freddy)
Voice Actress (English): Kaye P.
Voice Actress (Japanese): 阿部里果 (Rika Abe) (VIMS)
Casting Assistance: アーツビジョン株式会社 (ARTSTVISION)
English Translation: Nathan Garcia
Publisher: メディアスケープ株式会社 (Mediascape Co. Ltd.)
Copyright: (資)自転車創業 (jitensyasougyou inc.)






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